It occurred to me that many people in my family had some very interesting things about them. I thought that I would put those down, and honor all those people who had a hand in raising me.   Growing up without a mother and many times without my father around, my “parents” were the various adult relatives in my family. This is my way of saying “thanks.”


A Yogini Transformed

Satyana Yoga Studio workshop participants Satyana Yoga Studio workshop participants

What: Ashtanga & Ayurveda workshop with Mary Flinn

When: October 17-19, 2014

Where: Satyana Yoga Studio (Facebook and Website)

by Gert McQueen

Unknown to Kathy Falge, our most excellent Ashtanga instructor, when she set up this weekend of great yoga for us, there also was scheduled, in the building, the annual ‘Haunted House’. Our yoga studio is on the second floor of a ‘historical’ Paddock Arcade building, in Watertown NY.

The first session of our workshop started Friday at 5:30p.m., just as the first group of folks arrived to be ‘scared’ by ghosts, ghouls and other creepy creatures. The ghoul-guides were helpful, in directing, both folks arriving for yoga and those wanting to be scared, in the darken stairs and hallway. The ‘sound effects’ of creepy wind howling actually was a help in keeping me (us?) focused. We were lucky, there wasn’t…

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Mother’s Day

 Yesterday, May 11, 2014 was Mother’s Day.

 I lost my mother when I was three years old. I don’t remember her. There are no pictures of her holding me. But I miss her. I visit her grave from time to time, leaving a few flowers from my garden. I only live about 2 miles from the cemetery, so it’s not difficult to go.

March 28, 2014, marked the 58th anniversary of her death. March is really not a good time to visit the cemetary. I don’t like the cold. I like to go when it’s sunny and warm and the flowers are in bloom. I love flowers, roses are my favorite. I don’t know what kind of flowers Mom liked.

In February, one of my facebook friends posted a nice picture of a bouguet of roses in the clouds – there was a space on the left side of the roses, and I enlisted the help of another facebook friend to photoshop a picture for me. She did six for me. They are so beautiful. Here are five of them. When I made the photo album for this post, I missed one. I’ll have to go find it. 35





photos done by Darlene Clark, February 19, 2014.

 So now we come to Mother’s Day – and everybody is posting Mother’s Days greetings on facebook.My mom is gone. I never sent her a Mother’s Day card, never plucked a dandelion to give her. But I did pluck a dandelion for my stepmother. And she put it in a little glass and put it on the kitchen table.  I did take a few flowers from my garden and put them on Mom’s grave yesterday. I hope she likes them.002


004 So while everyone was posting this and that on facebook for their moms, another facebook friend posted a beautiful tribute to her FIVE moms. For her birth mother. Her adopted mother, her stepmother, her foster mother and another woman, who I am not acquanted with. (I’ve known Carmella and her family since 1978).  

So I got to thinking, yes, I didn’t have my mother growing up, but I did have my grandmother, Mary Sippel. I had my stepmother, Josephine Genovese Sippel and her mother Biagina (Bessie) Genovese, my mother’s sister Catherine Herr Miller, my godmother Bertha Herr and my foster mother Dorothy Sterbak. My older sisters Kathy Inglis and Gert McQueen were also a wonderful influence and guidance in my life.  – I don’t have any pictures of Josephine and her mom, or of my foster mother, but I do have pictures of the others.

This is my grandmother – Mary B. Wisniewski Sippel.

011 Mary Sippel - 1944

This is my godmother Bertha, with her daughters, my cousins Linda and Becky. 

Linda, Bertha, Becky

This is my mother’s sister, Catherine Herr Miller.

aunt c

This is my sister Gert McQueen.


This is my sister Kathy Inglis. (a new belly dancer in the family).


So I honor all those women, who took the place of my mom – because they helped mold me into the woman I am today. And here are two final pictures for Mother’s Day


heart rose.


my mother – setting styles across the galaxy

I was on facebook earlier and a picture of two of the actresses of Star Trek Voyager showed up on my newsfeed. I saw the dress on one of the actresses and realized it was almost identical to a dress that my mother wore once. I thought that was so cool! – so here are the pictures for your enjoyment:

This is the picture of my mother. I don’t when this picture was taken, it had to have been in the early 1940’s –


And this picture is Scarlett Pomers as Naomi Wildman and Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine.

seven and naomi




other things that I do and love

A Yogini Transformed

Gert is a fellow WordPress blogger I met over a year ago through my other blog. She and I discovered, over time, that we have many, many common interests and experiences. I hope you enjoy her guest post below as much as I do!

I’ve been practicing Ashtanga now for just over 10 years. At first I thought I would never do it, for ‘it’ is a very strong intense athletic type of yoga. I had never been athletic in my life but then in my middle 50s I’m doing this type of yoga. But as you know, once you make that commitment and just ‘show up’ you find just what you can do!

I usually practice 2 nights a week; on Monday and Thursday evenings, 90 minutes each night. The only time I miss a class is when the weather is too nasty (too hot, cold, or stormy) or…

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our family’s story

my new article is up and on line

by gertmcqueen

 Reblogged from Reclaiming the Sippel-Herr Family Honor:

This has been in the works for a year!

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The Three Sippel Sisters - Genevieve's Daughters

my new article is up and on line
by gertmcqueen
Reblogged from Reclaiming the Sippel-Herr Family Honor:

This has been in the works for a year!

please take a look at it…tweet it, facebook like it, comment on it

more to come later


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Great pic depicting self affirmations.

via Great pic depicting self affirmations.




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